Shanny Matterson

Shanny on the road (literally)

Shanny on the road (literally)

I travel to both lose myself and find myself. 

I travel to be challenged and humbled, enlightened and confronted. 

To be torn open and broken down by life changing experiences that can’t be found at home. 

To have affairs to remember and to live with no regrets.

Because - just like breathing and eating - I need to travel to live. To thrive. To come alive.

Itchy feet. Pounding heart. Curious mind. Yep, I’ve got it all.

I travel because it will never break up with me. It will never cheat on me, break my heart, or leave 

me for another woman. 

It may take my money, but it gives me so much more in return that I willingly hand over all that I 

have just to be in its sweet embrace. 

Travel will never reject me. It will always love me for who I am. 

Travel doesn’t objectify or discriminate against me, nor does it make me feel ashamed or 


If the world were a playground, I’d rather swing madly from the monkey bars than stay in the 

confines of the sandbox. I guess some people just aren’t made to play like all the others…

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