Katie Clowes

Katie taking in the view at Bob's Cove, Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

Katie taking in the view at Bob's Cove, Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

In 2009 I began to suffer from anxiety which for too many years prevented me from living my life. It completely robbed me of my identity; I changed from a confident and sociable person to a withdrawn shadow. It was a long road to get back to some semblance of who I am and still, I can be standing on the most glorious beach in Fiji or exploring the Hollywood Hills and I feel it rear its ugly head and if I don’t immediately shut it down the self-doubt would undoubtedly cripple me once more.

I had always dreamed of exploring the world and so in a moment of surprising bravery (or recklessness) I booked my one way around the world ticket and the rest, as they say, is history. I am currently in Sydney, nine months into my journey which has already been the hardest and most worthwhile thing I have ever done. I still have days where I panic about all the opportunities and safety nets I left back in England but honestly, if I could go back and never set out on this journey to rediscover myself, I wouldn't change a thing. I am happier and more self-assured than ever. I refuse to let my doubt rule my life and determine my actions. You have to live your dream despite the obstacles... and what a beautiful and magical dream travel is.

Leek, Stoke-on-Trent, England | 23 | 

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