Dilara Earle

Dilara at the Alhambra de Granada, Spain

Dilara at the Alhambra de Granada, Spain

I knew that there was more. On the road there is less. Less expectation, less money. Fewer possessions. Less weight on my shoulders. There is more, too. More freedom and more fluidness in time. More quiet achievements. More calm. I think the stars are just aligned for me this way.

That, and a hereditary blessed curse of being unable to quench this thirst. I left because I was always shown that I could do anything on my own and every summer, as a child, that there was yet more to discover. People. They have taken me in for months on their couch; fed me in the alleyways of Saigon; driven me for days in the desert. They have made me laugh until tears came and I realise that I have to keep going; that I have to keep meeting you all.

The expanses I find myself in: a tumbleweed in the desert; a crack in the mountain; a plankton in the coral plains- they prove to me again and again that I am, all at once, infinitely small yet significant, humanly bound to be full of wonder and potential, with the world and me in each other’s palm.

UK | 24 | Currently Exploring Sydney, Australia

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