Vilma Nurmela

Vilma climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

I’ve always had a massive craving to explore the world. There is a certain luxury in being able to journey wherever you wish and not having to worry about anything.

Seeing new places always provides me with more perspective and sense of direction than just staying at home, which is why I travel whenever I get the chance to. Visiting incredible places and discovering new cultures is, of course, always exciting, but it’s usually the people you meet who stick in your mind the longest. Yes, this probably sounds like a cliché, but I find that people usually become the best versions of themselves while travelling. Everyone seems more open-minded and spontaneous when away from home, and the thirst for life shared by fellow travellers always pushes me to my limits.

Every day is spent sharing experiences varying from relaxed days of beach bumming to implausible nights out, because on the road you never run out of things to do. Whether going away merely for a weekend or a whole year of backpacking, there’s nothing more energizing than heading out to see the world!

Helsinki, Finland | 24 | Currently Exploring Ecuador, South America |