Megan Claire

Megan Claire finding the sky is not the limit

I travel to live! Traveling allows me to experience something different and escape the monotony of everyday life. When you're on the road, everyday is an adventure, and everyday you're experiencing something new. You're discovering new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods and experiencing different cultures. It's exciting and it's stimulating. I've since become hooked on that feeling; hooked on the world knowledge and education which comes with traveling, and hooked on the feeling of living a genuinely happy and worthwhile life. 

Life begins outside of your comfort zone, and I see no need to live a life of monotony and drabness. No need to read about a place in the pages of a book when you can out there actually experiencing the world in living colour. 

Travelling is a lifestyle to me, and it’s an ongoing education. It’s what I love to do – so even if people back at home don’t understand, or think I’m being selfish by pursuing a “life of leisure”, that’s not going to stop me from living my dream.

I’ve gained a far more valuable education from travelling the world than I did during my 5 years of University, and it’s my thirst for world knowledge and world experiences that keeps me motivated. I’m also motivated by all of the places I haven’t yet been!

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