Taggie Dalton

Taggie enjoying Mount Diablo, California.

Taggie enjoying Mount Diablo, California.

There's a world out there. A phrase we often hear or read. I have a dream of visiting every country in the world for at least a week, the thing is there are so many! For the past six years I have spent at least three months of each year travelling, and each time I return home I start planning my next trip. 

To travel is to explore, to experience other cultures, to meet other people and hear their stories, to learn how other individuals perceive things, to learn about what fascinates yourself; and for me, to travel is to see the diversity of the earth. Every country I have been to holds surprises simply in its landscape and its animals; Peru's dense rainforest with exotic surround sound, North America with beautiful forests full of bears and wolves, Africa with a sunrise over the plains and a zebra saying good morning... what more can I say, the world out there is some world - Enjoy it!

Tenerife, Spain | 25 | Currently Exploring Diablo, California

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