Our second event, as part of the Globelle Gatherings series, was all about Adventure Travel. Held on Thursday, 25th April and coinciding with Globelle Travel’s 5th birthday, we welcomed

globelle gatherings #2 adventure travel anna mcnuff.jpg.png
  • What is Adventure Travel?

  • What does it mean now to head out into the wilderness?

  • What constitutes an adventure, rather than a trip?

  • How has our understanding of adventure changed in recent times?

  • How can we prepare for adventure physically, and psychologically?

  • As setting out to explore becomes ever more popular, what emerging trends should we encourage?

  • How can we practise adventuring responsibly?

Anna McNuff regaled the crowd with an amazing story of six months spent cycling across South America with a close friend and all the wonderful, weird and sometimes trying moments they shared on their epic adventure.